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I used to chase love - 29th year.

I did a lot of running in the past.

Chasing love.

Running toward what looked good and attractive.

What my brain thought I needed.

Dropping pieces of myself along the way I continued to run.

Welp, some pieces I dropped,

some pieces were taken from me,

Some pieces I outgrew,

and some, some, I tore from myself.

I used to chase love

Because the love I had didn’t feel enough

Something felt like it was missing.

But what I know now that I didn't know now

Is that what I was actually was chasing, was me.

What I needed was for me to love me.

I had strong legs at 20 but eventually,

I ran out of breath.

Sitting down,

Being still,

In the darkness.

I found the love I was chasing this whole time.

It was in me.

All along.

God put all I needed,

right there.

Now when I feel the need to chase love,

I first stand in a mirror - because chances are the problem is me.


I love me.

I deserve to love me.

And sometimes I need to say it again

I love me.

I deserve to love me.

With tears in my eyes, dancing in my room, or yelling in my car.

I love me.

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